The IYPT 2010

Finals' Results:

Place Team Points
1Singapore (14 Magnetic Spring)52.1
2Austria (1 Electromagnetic Cannon)49.4
3New Zealand (2 Brilliant Pattern)46.2
4Korea (15 Paper Anemometer)45.3

Important tournament files [pdf]:

Tournament Overview

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Czech RepublicRej4 Rep1 Rep4 Opp1 Rev3 Opp2 Rev1 Rev2 Rev4 Obs3 Obs2 Opp4 Rep3 Rep2 Opp3
CroatiaOpp2 Rep4 Rep1 Rep2 Rev4 Rev1 Opp1 Rev2 Obs1 Rej2 Opp4 Rep3 Rev3 Opp3
Chinese TaipeiRev2 Obs3 Opp2 Rev3 Rep4 Rep1 Obs4 Rep2 Rev4 Opp1 Opp3 Opp4 Rev1 Rep3
ChinaRep2 Rev1 Rep1 Rep3 Opp1 Rej3 Rev2 Opp3 Rej3 Opp4 Rev3 Rev4 Rej2 Rep4 Opp2
BulgariaOpp3 Rev4 Rep4 Rev1 Rep2 Opp2 Rep3 Opp1 Rev2 Rep1 Rej2 Obs2 Opp4 Rej1 Rev3 Rej2
AustriaRev3 Rep4 Obs1 Opp4 Opp3 Rep2 Rev1 Rep3 Rej2 Opp2 Opp1 Rej2 Rev2 Rev4 Rej1 Rep1
BelarusOpp4 Rep3 Rev4 Rep4 Opp1 Opp2 Obs3 Obs2 Rep1 Rev2 Rev3 Obs1 Rep2 Opp3 Rev1
AustraliaOpp3 Opp1 Obs2 Rej4 Opp4 Rep4 Opp2 Rep1 Rev3 Rep2 Obs4 Rev1 Rev4 Rep3 Rev2
FranceOpp4 Rev4 Rev1 Rep1 Rej1 Rep2 Opp3 Rev2 Rep4 Rep3 Opp1 Opp2 Rev3
GeorgiaOpp4 Opp3 Rev1 Rep4 Opp1 Rev3 Opp2 Rep2 Rej2 Rep1 Rev4 Obs3 Rev2 Rep3 Obs1
GermanyRev4 Rep4 Opp4 Rev3 Rep1 Rev1 Opp3 Rej4 Rev2 Rej2 Opp2 Rep2 Opp1 Rep3
IranRep3 Opp1 Rev3 Rep1 Opp3 Rev2 Opp2 Rej2 Rev4 Rep4 Opp4 Rep2 Rev1 Rej4
KenyaOpp3 Opp4 Rep3 Rev1 Rej3 Rep4 Opp1 Rev2 Rev4 Rep2 Obs3 Rej4 Opp2 Rej3 Rep1 Rev3
KoreaRej3 Rep3 Rev2 Rep2 Opp3 Obs2 Opp1 Rep4 Rev3 Opp4 Rep1 Opp2 Rev4 Rev1 Obs3 Rej1
New ZealandOpp3 Rev4 Opp4 Opp2 Rep4 Rev1 Rev3 Rev2 Rej3 Obs4 Rep3 Opp1 Rep2 Rep1
NigeriaRej4 Rev3 Rej4 Obs1 Rej3 Opp3 Opp4 Opp1 Rep1 Rep3 Rev1 Opp2 Rep2 Rev4 Rep4 Rev2 Obs4 Rej4 Obs3
PolandRep1 Rep4 Rev3 Rev1 Rep2 Rep3 Opp1 Rev2 Opp3 Opp4 Obs4 Rej4 Opp2 Rev4
RussiaRep3 Rev1 Rev4 Rep2 Opp4 Rev2 Rep1 Rev3 Opp2 Obs1 Rep4 Opp1 Rej4 Obs2 Opp3
SingaporeRep2 Opp1 Rep3 Rev1 Rev2 Rep1 Obs4 Opp3 Opp2 Rep4 Rev3 Rev4 Opp4 Rej2
SlovakiaOpp2 Rep1 Obs4 Rev4 Rep2 Obs1 Opp4 Rep4 Rev1 Rev3 Opp3 Rep3 Opp1 Rev2 Rej3
SwedenRev2 Obs3 Rev4 Opp1 Rep3 Opp2 Rev1 Opp3 Rej3 Obs4 Opp4 Rep1 Rep4 Rep2 Rev3
SwitzerlandOpp3 Rev4 Rep3 Rev2 Opp4 Obs2 Rep2 Rev3 Rep1 Rep4 Opp2 Rev1 Opp1 Rej1
United KingdomRep4 Opp4 Opp1 Rev3 Rev4 Rej2 Obs2 Rep2 Rep3 Obs1 Opp2 Rev1 Rej4 Rej4 Rep1 Rev2 Opp3 Rej4


July 17 — Problems for the IYPT 2011

The IOC has just finished deciding on the 17 Problems for the IYPT 2011 .


July 15 — Singapore wins the 23rd IYPT

The winner of this year's IYPT is the Team of Singapore followed by Austria, New Zealand and Korea.


July 10 — The IYPT has been officially opened!

President Alan Allinson has just opened the 23rd IYPT.


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